• For Online Video Households, 31% of Video Time Now from Online Sources

    New research from One Touch Intelligence says that among households with adults who watch long-form TV shows and movies online, the percentage of their total video viewership spent online is now up to 31%. That equates to twice as much time spent watching DVDs and 5 times the amount spent using VOD. The research also shows that in these households, the most-used site for watching long-form content is Hulu, with 53% citing it.

    In addition, 48% of respondents said they watch online video on TV screens in their homes and that 11% of online viewing time in these homes is on TVs. The top devices used to connect online to the TV are Xbox 360 or connected PC (each 40%), PS3 (37%), Wii (36%) and TV with Internet capability (29%).

    As convergence devices continue to proliferate and long-form content is increasingly available, I expect that these numbers are only going to move higher. The full report, "Internet Video 2010: Content Usage and Devices" is available from One Touch.

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