• Conviva Survey Shows High Abandonment Rates for Lower Quality Video Experiences

    Online video is not yet a gold-plated experience; we’ve all had the experience of clicking to watch a video only to have the picture quality stink or multiple interruptions/buffering occur. To help understand the consequences of lower quality video, Conviva has released results of a 500-user survey which shows how viewers react to these problems.

    When a viewer encounters poor picture quality, 17% give up immediately, with 59% waiting a short while, and 24% waiting as long as it takes. For excessive stream interruptions/buffering, 25% give up immediately, with 59% waiting a short while, and 17% waiting as long as it takes. Almost half of respondents (48%) said they remember poor experiences, and of these, 92% said they gravitate back to video services where they had positive experiences.

    Picture quality and buffering impact different content genres differently. As can be seen in the graph below, buffering drives a much higher abandonment rate across all genres than does picture quality. Buffering results in the highest abandonment rate (26%) for interruptions in product research videos and the lowest for self-improvement (21.4%). Picture quality has the highest abandonment rate for product research (20.9%), but the lowest for Entertainment (9.2%).

    Meanwhile, younger viewers seem much more tolerant of lower quality video experiences. Just 8% of 13-17 year-olds abandon immediately, vs. 24.6% of 45-54 year-olds and 23.5% of 55+ year-olds.

    Overall, the key takeaway is that a quality video experience matters a lot and every time one isn’t delivered there’s not only dissatisfaction, but a risk that the viewer won’t come back. Given the high cost of creating compelling video and the massive fragmentation, no provider can afford that.

    The report can be downloaded here

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