• comScore's Online Video Data Charts for Jan '07-July '09 Available for Download

    Last Thursday comScore released July 2009 data from its Video Metrix service showing record online video usage for the month. I've been charting comScore's data for 2 1/2 years, making updates each month when comScore provides new data. Today I'm offering these charts as a complimentary download (if you incorporate them into your presentations please identify comScore as the source). Here's an example slide for total online videos viewed per month:

    Not surprisingly, a number of content providers have informally told me that their internal data and what comScore reports for them doesn't neatly tie out (anyone who's ever tried to reconcile number from internal analytics, ad servers and external measurement sources can relate to these discrepancies). Nonetheless, comScore's data provides at least one consistently-measured data set on the industry, which is quite useful.

    Some of the record July numbers benefit from Michael Jackson's death and also from the lull in original TV episodes. Still, the comScore trendlines are pretty impressive. I share these charts at the beginning of presentations that I often make to industry executives to underscore broadband video's rapid growth. Some of the more noteworthy numbers that are highlighted on the slides include:

    - A near tripling of total videos viewed per month from 7.2 billion in Jan '07 to 21.4 billion in July '09.

    - A 229% increase in the average number of online videos watched per viewer per month from 59 in Jan '07 to 135 in July '09.

    - A 331% jump in the number of minutes of video watched per average viewer per month from 151 minutes (2 hours 31 minutes) in Jan '07 to 500 (8 hours 20 minutes) in July '09.

    - Looking just at YouTube, its share of all videos viewed has increased from 16.2% in Jan '07 to 41.9% in July '09. YouTube is the 800 pound gorilla of the market month in and month out. For example, in July '09, the #2 ranked video provider was Viacom Digital with 3.8% share of views, less than a tenth of YouTube's. YouTube accounts for nearly all of Google's 8.9 billion monthly views. To help put that number in perspective, it roughly equals the industry's total views in Sept '07. YouTube is also used more intensively than any other video site, with 74.1 average videos per viewer vs. #2 Viacom Digital with 19.2 average videos per viewer.

    - Hulu's monthly videos viewed have increased from 88 million in May '08 to 457 in July '09, a greater than 5x increase in just its first 15 months in existence.

    By virtually every measure the industry continues to experience rapid adoption. As I've noted before, in addition to continuing to grow viewership, the industry's key challenge is to further monetize all this video, either through advertising or paid models (subscriptions, pay-per-use or as a value add to other paid services).

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