• Collective's New Playbook Offers Multi-Screen Advertising Lessons

    There's been a lot written about how challenging it has become for brand advertisers to reach audiences effectively given the splintering of attention across screens. No longer is it sufficient to simply buy TV ads and expect to reach all targets; online and mobile must be added as complimentary channels.

    This isn't easy, but as a new report released yesterday by Collective, "The Multi-Screen Advertising Playbook," shows, it is possible. Sharing results from a series of its clients' multi-platform campaigns, Collective provides specific details on how online campaigns augment TV buys to achieve marketing objectives.

    Collective uses viewers' set-top box data in its TV Accelerator solution, combined with its Audience Cloud, which is a targeting database of consumers' demographic, purchase and in-market attributes, to zero in on specific audience segments that are deemed unlikely to see particular TV ads. Once identified, Collective helps create online campaigns, including display, video and rich media, that reach these segments.

    In the report, Collective provides 3 case studies, on incremental reach, multi-screen frequency, and competitive conquesting with CPG, Automotive, Retail, Financial Services, Travel and Telecom clients. Some of the specific results achieved through representative campaigns in the 3 case studies include a 3.9x improvement over demo targeting alone, a 74% cost reduction for incremental reach to viewers who missed TV ads and a 17x lift in customer prospecting cost efficiency. The report's numerous charts and graphs detail changes in specific key performance indicators.

    All of the data supports the recommendation that TV and online are complimentary channels for reaching today's multi-screen audiences. There are still many unknowns as technology upends traditional advertising practices, but two truisms are that TV isn't going away any time soon and online adoption won't abate. So learning to use both is critical to marketers' success. Collective's playbook helps show the way.

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