• Brightcove Survey: 62% of Viewers Blame Brand if They Experience Poor Video Quality

    Poor quality online video experiences cost brands in numerous ways, according to a new Brightcove survey. 62% of respondents are likely to blame the brand, rather than their ISP or video hosting provider such as YouTube, when encountering poor quality video. In addition, 60% of respondents experiencing poor video quality said it would dissuade them from social engagement with the brand, 57% said they'd be less likely to share a low quality video and 23% said low quality would make them hesitant to purchase from the brand.

    The Brightcove survey highlights quality issues with YouTube specifically, which brands have aggressively embraced for its massive reach. But while YouTube offers huge audience potential, 75% of survey respondents reported experiencing buffering and freezing on the site, with 33% saying these problems affect half of the videos they watch. This leads to about 1/3 of viewers experiencing problems abandoning the video rather than waiting for the buffering to stop.

    The data is meant to illustrate that brands are hurting themselves by exclusively choosing free video hosting and delivery because viewers somewhat unfairly pin the blame on the brands for poor video quality. But Brightcove isn't trying to convince brands to abandon YouTube, rather it is suggesting that they use a blended distribution strategy which would include posting video to their own websites, using an online video platform from providers like Brightcove. By extending their reach this way, brands can offer better quality videos that can lead to improved brand awareness, and engagement.

    Brightcove partnered with a third party research company to conduct a survey of more than 1,200 consumers who watch online video at least twice a month to better understand their expectations of video experiences, especially when it comes to free video from YouTube. About 35 percent of consumers watch online video several times a day, and most watch from home with 74% saying they watch YouTube at least weekly.

    All of the findings are captured in this infographic. Brightcove's director of product marketing Chris Little also discusses the survey in the video below.

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