• Brand Lift Gains Momentum As Online Video Ad Campaign Metric

    Traditional ways of measuring the effectiveness of online video campaigns such as click-through and completion rates are being enhanced with brand lift metrics such as awareness and intent that are common in other forms of advertising. The latest indicator is that Adap.tv, an online video advertising marketplace, has integrated Vizu's Ad Catalyst solution, which measures brand lift, to offer this capability to its clients. Yesterday the companies released a case study which speaks to the new insights online video advertisers can gain from studying brand lift as well.

    In the case study, a consumer packaged goods company that was specifically seeking to understand lift in purchase intent, used Ad Catalyst to measure the branding campaigns for an odor-eliminating product that it was running in Adap.tv's Marketplace. The CPG company found an 84% lift in purchase intent for those exposed to ads for the product. Ad Catalyst identified the best-performing creative and noted that maximum brand lift occurred after only one ad impression. This supported the idea that the creative was strong and the campaign had been well-targeted. These insights provided a better gauge of success for the company than simply getting click-through and completion rates for the campaign, in turn strengthening its commitment to online video advertising.

    Going forward, advertisers will demand brand lift and other metrics to align spending in online video vs. other campaigns. In order for online video advertising to continue growing, the methods to measure effectiveness are only going to become more sophisticated.

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