• AOL-Adap.tv Serves 3.7 Billion Video Ads In September, Topping comScore's Rankings

    With 3.7 billion video ads served, the combined AOL-Adap.tv has landed atop comScore's September 2013 U.S. Online Video Rankings. (see chart below) It's the first time that AOL has outranked Google (primarily YouTube), which dropped to second with 3.2 billion video ads served. On its own in August, Adap.tv served over 2.5 billion video ads. AOL-Adap.tv was also tops in total ad minutes in September with over 1.6 billion, followed by BrightRoll with nearly 1.3 billion.

    In a blog post, AOL's Ran Harnevo and Adap.tv's Amir Ashkenazi said the results "reaffirm the significance of the the (Adap.tv) acquisition." I described the $405 million acquisition, in August, as giving AOL further scale to capitalize on the trend toward programmatic advertising. The surge in video ad views is the first indication of the kind of scale that AOL-Adap.tv is building together. Factoring in recent syndication deals like the one with ESPN, AOL's video views and ad count are poised to rise further.

    For September, AOL's unique video viewers and videos viewed actually declined slightly. Unique video viewers in September were nearly 62 million, down from August's 71 million, with videos viewed in September of 976 million, down from August's 992 million. As a result, Facebook, with 67 million video viewers, moved back into the number two position in September, though it was narrowly third, behind AOL, in videos viewed with 975 million.

    Related, Brightcove and AOL also announced today that AOL will use Brightcove's Zencoder to transcode videos for 15 of AOL On's content channels. Zencoder is a cloud-based transcoding service that Brightcove acquired in July, 2012.


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