• Amazon Cracks comScore's Top 10 Video Sites for Second Time

    Looking through comScore's list of top 10 video sites for December, 2011, one name jumped out at me: Amazon, which turned up at #9, with 27.8 million unique viewers and 95.4 million videos viewed. I'm accustomed to seeing the usual names on the list: Google (YouTube), Hulu, Viacom, Yahoo, AOL, etc., but I couldn't recall seeing Amazon before. I went back and looked at the last year of comScore numbers and in fact, this is the second time Amazon has appeared on the list. Back in June '11, Amazon showed as #10, with 21.2 million viewers and 43.1 million videos viewed.

    I'm intrigued by this and not sure what's happening. For sure Amazon has been bolstering the premium video choices available for Prime members as part of their $79/year subscription. And the holiday period, when lots of new devices got installed, must have resulted in lots of log-ins to Prime to view. But 95.4 million views still seems like a lot even if you account for other videos Amazon offers (product previews, etc.). And contrast the view count with Netflix, which said its subscribers consumed 2 billion hours of video in Q4, which should translate into more activity than Amazon. Yet Netflix doesn't show up on comScore's list at all.

    It's a little confusing and I'm going to contact comScore and see if I can understand what's behind this. However, if Amazon begins showing up more frequently on comScore's top 10 list it will certainly be validation that its video efforts are taking hold.
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