• Almost Three-Quarters of Facebook Users Either Haven’t Heard of or Don’t Use Watch

    New research from The Diffusion Group highlights that usage and awareness of Facebook Watch is minimal, a year following its launch. TDG found that 50% of users haven’t heard of Watch and another 24% have heard of it but have never used it. Just 6% of Facebook users use Watch daily, with another 8% using it weekly.

    The low usage and awareness are striking given that the Watch icon sits prominently at the bottom of the Facebook app, right alongside News Feed, friend requests and notifications. It also demonstrates how significantly different Watch is from the way Facebook users typically experience the service, via the News Feed and how difficult it’s proving for Facebook to migrate its users from News Feed.

    Last year, I detailed the concept of “product evolution” as one of the big risks that Facebook faced in diversifying from News Feed. Would loyal Facebook News Feed users adapt their behavior to go to the Watch tab? This risk has been exacerbated by the fact that the Watch experience leaves a lot to be desired. Back in March, I chronicled how its non-personalized, incoherent user experience surfaced little content I was interested in and virtually no reason to return. Given TDG’s research, my guess is I’m not alone in coming to that conclusion.

    However, you can never count Facebook out, and after their disappointing Q2 results, video and the new revenue opportunity it represents is quite important. So despite Facebook’s inconsistent approach, it’s almost guaranteed that Facebook will keep plugging away with Watch until they get it right.

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