• Akamai: Global Average Connection Speed Up 15% In Q1 ’17 vs. Q1 ’16

    Broadband connections keep getting better, enabling video and other high-bandwidth applications, according to Akamai’s Q1 ’17 State of the Internet Report. Global average connection speed was up 15% vs. a year ago, to 7.2 mbps, with 96 of the 149 countries/regions that Akamai tracks seeing an increase.

    Perennial leader South Korea had the fastest connection speed, at 28.6 mbps, followed by Norway (23.5 mbps), Sweden (22.5 mbps) and Hong Kong (21.9 mbps). All of the top 10 countries has an increase vs. last year’s Q1 except South Korea, with dropped modestly. The U.S. broke into the top 10 in the number 10 position at 18.7 mbps, up 22% vs. a year ago, the biggest change among the group. A total of 25 countries/regions had an average speed of at least 15 mbps, up from 23 in Q4 ’16.

    Meanwhile the global average peak connection speed increased to 44.6 mbps, up 28% vs. a year ago, with Singapore by far the leader on this metric, at 184.5 mbps.

    In the U.S. all of the top 10 states experienced faster connection speeds, with the District of Columbia once again the leader at 28.1 mbps followed by Delaware (25.2 mbps), Massachusetts (23.8 mbps), Rhode Island (23.7 mbps) and Maryland (22.3 mbps). All of the top 10 states had double digit improvements vs. last year  (the range was 17%-22) except number 10 Utah, which improved by 4.9% to 20.7 mbps.

    For mobile, the U.K. once again led all countries with an average connection speed 26 mbps, followed by Cyprus (24.2 mbps), Germany (24.1 mbps), Switzerland (22.4 mbps) and Finland (21.6 mbps). The slowest average speed was once again in Venezuela at 2.8 mbps. Mobile speeds are poised to grow quickly as Akamai outlined all of the various countries where 4G, LTE-A and 5G deployments and field trials are ramping up. Akamai said mobile data traffic grew 70% vs. last year and 12% vs. last quarter.

    In the U.S. the peak traffic day in Q1 was January 20th, the day of the presidential inauguration. Akamai said it delivered 8.7 tbps at 1:04pm Eastern Time at the start of President Trump’s speech. It was also the biggest live-streamed news event Akamai has delivered.

    The full report is available for download here.

    (Note: Akamai is a VideoNuze sponsor)

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