• Study: Targeting Still Main Appeal of Online Video Ads

    There are lots of things to be excited about when it comes to online video, but the main appeal continues to be targeting, according to BrightRoll's latest U.S. Video Advertising Report (free to download). Targeting was cited by 43% of respondents as the most valuable aspect of online video (up from 41% in 2011), far outpacing the next favorite attribute of reach (cited by 28% of respondents). All other attributes had 10% or less appeal.

    Like 2011, contextual and behavioral again lead in terms of targeting methodologies, with the former cited as most valuable by about 37% of respondents and the latter by 34%. Demographic and geographic trailed. Behavioral targeting will increase by 24% over 2011 with two-thirds of respondents said that over 40% of their ads in 2012 will include behavioral targeting.

    BrightRoll believes that improved targeting, combined with respondents' relative lack of focus on price compared to TV ads, help explain why 64% of respondents believe online video is at least as effective as TV ads.  Online video ads fare even better compared to other digital formats: 87% of respondents believe they're equally or more effective than display, for example. In addition, 30% of respondents think online video will have the biggest increase in ad spending in 2012.

    There are lots of other good data points in the report around interest in multi-screen video advertising, who inventory is primarily bought from and the challenge of metrics and ROI, among others. As with any industry-sponsored research, you have to read the data with a grain of salt, but directionally, it validates what many believe, which is that advertisers' and agencies' appreciation for online video is strong and getting stronger.

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