• Study: 70% of TV Viewers Now Consider Themselves Binge-Viewers

    The latest evidence supporting the craze around binge-viewing was released by consultancy Miner & Co., finding that 70% of U.S. TV viewers now consider themselves binge-viewers. Miner defined binge-viewing as watching 3 or more episodes in a single session. For most, binge-viewing is still a monthly activity (90%), followed by weekly (63%) and daily (17%).

    The survey found that 55% of binge-viewers and 61% of frequent binge-viewers were millennials. It also defined three categories of binge-viewers: "Streamers" (35%) who use services like Netflix/Hulu Plus/Amazon; "Marathoners" (18%) who watch TV marathons and "DVRers" (16%) who mostly binge-view using their DVR.

    All of this appears to be good news for the TV industry, as 61% of respondents said that binge-viewing makes TV more enjoyable. 90% of binge-viewers watch at least 10 hours of TV weekly. 40% of respondents said they'd pay more if full seasons were available immediately. And frequent binge-viewers are 2x more likely to let the ads play and 4x more likely to upgrade their pay-TV subscriptions.

    Miner surveyed 800 U.S. TV viewers between the ages of 18-54 in March 2014.

    The full results and a handy infographic are here.

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