• Report: Mobile Video Pre-Roll Click-Throughs in U.S. are 8 Times Higher Than Online

    An interesting nugget of data in TubeMogul's quarterly research report released last week was that the click-through rate on mobile video pre-roll ads in the U.S. is a robust 4.9%, more than 8 times higher than the .6% CTR that TubeMogul tracked for pre-rolls on non-mobile devices. Of the 5 countries TubeMogul reported on, the U.S. disparity is by far the biggest, with Canada and Australia following with about a 3x higher CTR for mobile vs. non-mobile (see chart below).

    The TubeMogul data also suggests that a tablet video primetime window is overlapping the traditional TV primetime window of 8pm-11pm. According to TubeMogul, 25.7% of a day's total tablet views happen from 8pm-midnight. Within the time window, Android usage peaks from 8-10pm and then falls off while iPad usage peaks later, from 10pm-midnight (see chart below)

    Taken together, the implication for advertisers going forward is that pre-roll ads placed on tablets could offer the highly desirable combination of reach and engagement. Traditionally, primetime TV has provided unparalleled reach, but has not been able to offer strong engagement. But, as tablet-based viewing becomes even more popular, if TubeMogul's CTR metric holds up, then buying pre-rolls on tablets could become a strong augment, particularly for advertisers with a call-to-action (e.g. buy a ticket, watch additional content, etc.). Mitigating however, is that TubeMogul found lower completion rates for pre-roll ads vs. online.

    The TubeMogul data also indicates that for iPhones, after a peak around 8am usage throughout the day is pretty steady until falling off during primetime and then blipping up around midnight. Android phone usage grows throughout the day, peaking from 8pm-10pm.

    The most popular day to watch video on mobile devices was Thursday with 17% of all weekly views, while Mon-Wed were the lowest, with 12-12.1%.

    The data is based on mobile in-app pre-roll ads bought programmatically through TubeMogul's media buying platform in Q2 '13. According to TubeMogul, the U.S. has by far the largest number of mobile video ads available for programmatic buying, with 31.2 million per day, followed by the U.K. with just 2 million per day.

    The full report is available here.

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