• Report: Desktops Still Rule in Online Video Ad Impressions

    Videology’s Q1 2013 infographic offers up fresh detail about what types of advertisers are embracing the medium, how their ads are performing, and how shifts in the use of devices are impacting the online video environment.
    Based on 1.8 billion impressions delivered on Videology’s platform during Q1, the data shows that desktops continue to dominate despite the impressive rise of mobile devices. Ads seen on desktop accounted for 92% of online video ads people watched in Q1, with connected TVs accounting for 5% and mobile devices, 3%. Although ads seen on mobile devices increased 27% year-over-year in Q1, that surge was leapfrogged by the number of ads seen on the desktop, which grew 84%.

    Among other findings:
    - As TV advertisers move into online video, Videology has seen a slight rise in 30-second ads – the most common TV ad format. In Q1 ’13, 57% of online video ads were 30 seconds long, while in Q1 ’12, 54% of ads were :30s.

    - Consumer goods remains the most prevalent advertiser category, accounting for 22.2% of all online video ads Videology delivered. Second at 14.5% was the financial services category, which saw a sequential quarter jump (up 6.6%) as tax season likely inspired more ads. The next biggest categories were entertainment, retail and auto.

    - Ad completion rates were highest among 18-24 year-old viewers, indexing at 101. But older users, 65-plus, had the highest click-through rates at 101.6. 

    - Entertainment sites ran 70% of online video ads, up 9% from Q4 ’12. Online portals and movie sites came in a distant second and third, at 7.9% and 7.6%, respectively.

    The infographic can be downloaded here.