• Hitting `Delete`: Motorola Survey Says Lots of DVR Video Never Gets to the Screen

    As DVR penetration and usage have steadily climbed, it has seemed inevitable that one day internal disks wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand to store more and more video. Now, judging from Motorola Mobility’s latest Media Engagement Barometer, that day might be here.

    The study out today shows that even though one-third of U.S. TV viewing involves recorded programs, 41% of the video saved to DVRs never gets watched. Often, that’s because people have to delete stored programs to make room for new ones. 55% of U.S. DVR users said they’ve had to kill off recorded shows to add capacity for new programs, and 81% (women more so than men) said they’ve been frustrated over having to do so.

    The 9,500-person survey (1,000 in the U.S.) also shows how entrenched new video viewing habits are becoming. Among all tablet owners, 44% now watch video in their bedrooms over the devices, 16% watch in the kitchen, 12% in the dining room and 10% in the bathroom. Smartphone users are even more likely to watch video behind the bathroom door: 22% watch there, compared with 51% who watch in the bedroom.

    The findings around DVR capacity and multi-screen, multi-location viewing play into Motorola’s strategy to pursue a network DVR architecture that lifts recorded programs out from the box and into the network. Motorola thinks the findings also argue for home gateway technologies that help fulfill rising demand for anything/anywhere viewing, especially among younger consumers.

    “My two 14-year olds don’t understand why you can pause TV in the living room but not in other rooms of the house,” said Jonathan Ruff, senior director of technology solutions product marketing for Motorola’s Applied Research Center.

    Also of note: 34% of U.S. respondents have downloaded or stored a TV show to at least one device. And 23% of U.S. viewers engage with social media while watching video – far less than the 43% globally who do the same.

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