• Non-Desktop Video Viewership is Soaring: Study

    Everyone knows that online and mobile video consumption is soaring, as tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs proliferate, but new data from Ooyala helps quantify things. According to its Q4 2011 Video Index report, released this morning, viewership on these devices doubled from Q3 '11 to Q4 '11. This is being driven by users clicking "play" more often when presented with video choices and then watching longer as well.

    Tablets led with 22% growth in quarter-over-quarter growth in time watched per play. Connected TV and game consoles led in engagement (as measured by completion rate per video viewed), with viewers completing 47% of videos. Tablets were second with 38%, followed by desktop and mobile. Videos longer than 10 minutes added up to 57% of the viewership time on connected TVs and gaming consoles, while on desktops it was just 25%.

    Meanwhile, when it comes to social media and video sharing, Facebook is the undisputed champion, with videos shared on Facebook running 10x the level as on Twitter. For all the buzz around Twitter, even copying and pasting video URLs was a stronger sharing mechanism in Q4 than was tweeting.

    Looking ahead, Ooyala is modeling strong growth in share video plays across connected and mobile devices. Its annualized video growth predictions for mobile are 224%, for connected TVs and game consoles 336% and for tablets 460%.

    Ooyala's data spans video plays from 5,000 domains in 130+ countries. Over 100 million viewers are now accessing video through an Ooyala player each month, driving over 1 billion views.

    The full report is available here.

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